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Rank: Administrator, Trusted User

Hello there, I'm Gangsir. I'm a software development student in real life, and a Factorio player. I like to contribute to documentation on games that I play, so that others can learn and understand the game. Most of what I do on this wiki is helping new users, and general clean up.


If you need to talk to me about something concerning the wiki, or have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, I don't bite.

The best ways to contact me are listed below in descending order of quality/urgency:

  1. Reddit, send a PM to /u/Gangsir. I'm online virtually every day.
  2. Leave a topic on my talk page.
  3. Contact me on Discord at Gangsir#2512. Please contact me another way beforehand to give me your username & identifier number. (Eg. Name#number) I don't accept random friend requests.
  4. Send me a PM on the Factorio forums, at the same username. I check this infrequently.

My experience/general info

I have a few years experience editing and contributing to wikis and documentation. I'm fairly well versed in MediaWiki's formatting language, Java, Rust, and Lua. I have experience with community moderation and small experience with HTML.

I joined this wiki on July 18, 2016, and as of June 4th, 2017, I have made 1,927 edits to this wiki.

See also

Commands for Linux

This is mostly for my own record, but anyone else is welcome to use these.

Search through Factorio changelog for changes to an item

grep -i -e "MACHINE NAME" -e "version:" -A 1 changelog.txt | grep -iv -e "Fixed" -e "bugfix" -e "fix" -e "::" -e "Date:" -e "---" | grep -i "MACHINE NAME" -B 3