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Power production

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This is about how many Boilers, Pumps, Steam engines and also ratios of Solar panel and Basic accumulator (and more).

Hot liquids

Steam engines, pumps and boilers

Needed number of entities in different situations
Situation # of steam engines # of boilers # offshore pumps Comment
One steam engine 1 2 1 makes barely sense
One off-shore pump 10 14 1 this is the most used setup!
Full throughput of a pipe max. 21 max. 28 2, better 3 the total throughput depends on the total length of all pipes in a row

Each steam engine needs roughly 1.31 boilers when running at full capacity.

One offshore pump can satisfy 14 Boilers and 10 steam engines. 13 boilers will make the job also, but this tends to have problems to raise the temp after coal shortness or other accidents (Biters love to attack the boilers).

To fully satisfy a pipe you need 3 Pumps or 5 Small pumps (or better 6, but that depends on pressure!). But with this setup you will find, that the length of your pipe-setup will influence this too much. This is definitely not a beginner strategy.

See also

Hot liquids in tanks

To equalize the needed throughput (different needs of energy between day and night for example), hot water from boilers can also be stored in storage tanks and used by extra steam engines during peak times or during night (if solar is in place). This energy storage technique can be used instead of or in addition to accumulators.

See about storing of hot liquids how to use that.


Optimal ratio

The optimal ratio is 0.84 (25:21) accumulators per solar panel.

This is taken from Accumulator / Solar panel ratio, which calculates this in an impressive mathematical way!

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