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Gun turret

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Gun turrets are very basic defensive structures and the easiest way of automatic defense.

  • Gun turrets are your first defense weapon.
  • They are cheap and ammunition can be refilled by Inserters.
  • You can fill the bullets into them by hand. But you should automate that, use a chest, a belt and some inserters to do that job constantly.
  • They don't need any power to operate (only the inserters to fill them, but you can use burner inserter for that job), so they are not dependent to electricity.
  • With upgrades (gun + turret defence upgrades) and Piercing rounds magazine gun turrets are a much harder weapon, than laser turrets ( see thread)
  • Gun turrets are always sized 1x2 even when rotated which makes them somewhat problematic to use with rotated Blueprints. It is no problem to mirrow the blueprint, but when rotated by 90° they may 'overwrite' an inserter or let one tile free between them. To workaround this use two blueprints, one for north-south and one for west-east usage.
  • The gun turret damage upgrade stacks multiplicatively with the bullet damage upgrade. Fully upgraded this means 2.2*2.2=4.84 times as much damage; 9.68 damage with regular bullets or 24.2 damage with armor-piercing bullets, an armor piercing bullet kills small enemies in one blow, and deals more damage to the heavy biter than a laser shot does.

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Total raw:
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Health: 200
Shooting speed: 10
Range: 17

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