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This is the official admin noticeboard for the Factorio wiki. This page details the current and recurring tasks that are being handled by the admin team and trusted users.

This page can be useful for editors looking to find out how often bot actions are done or what big change is planned next.

Recurring tasks

Also done by normal users

These are links that should be checked over to ensure nothing strange is going on.

  • Pages with broken file links -- There are a few pages here that are here out of necessity (mainly templates and some sandboxes), ensure no new pages or existing main namespace pages pop up.
  • Broken redirects -- Should only contain pages that are not yet translated, any pages that do not already exist in English should be removed
  • Double redirects -- Must always stay empty. In the event of A>B>C, make A>C directly.
  • Unused files -- Ensure no new files appear here (from your perspective, some may be used in the future) and mark them for deletion/delete them. Files that were uploaded recently (around 1-2 weeks ago) can stay, but after that they can and should be deleted.
  • Outdated images -- These images should be updated or merged with already updated images.

Admin only

Actions to clean up these categories should be done according to common sense. Some time in the future we should have a public policy on what do delete and what to keep etc, but for now only User:Bilka handles big deletions.

Adding support for a new language

Templates to change:

Pages to create:

  • Template:Translation/suffix (Standard text: <includeonly>{{#switch:{{{1|}}} | #default = {{{1}}} }}</includeonly><noinclude> {{Languages}} {{Category|Localisation templates|lang=none}} {{Documentation}} </noinclude>)
  • Main Page/suffix (Standard text: {{Languages}} Factorio Main Page, to be translated into language. {{C|Main}})

Create the categories that are now on the main page.

  • Language page:
Pages written in ''language''.

  • Main/suffix:
{{Languages}}This is the '''top-level''' category of the ''language'' part of the Factorio Wiki.

[[Category:Factorio Wiki]]

Upload the flag of the country the language is spoken in. Naming: File:Flag_suffix.png. Add the file to [[Category:Flags]].

Change the WantedPages script to sort by the new language instead of putting it in "other".

Bot actions/pages

These pages are updated every Friday when the FFF comes out, when there have been big changes to the pages they list, and when a user requests that they be updated. Currently, User:Bilka handles the backend of the bot performing these actions.

The infoboxes are partially updated automatically, changes are shown as performed by User:BilkaBot. Item and recipe icons are also partially automated through the same bot. If you want to report an error with one of the changes, request another parameter to be automatically updated, or ask for an update of the values because the most recent Factorio version changed something, please contact one of the active admins.

User:BilkaBot also automatically updates the version history subpages, Template:VersionNav and Main Page/Latest versions whenever a new version comes out.

Current tasks

Clean-up of redirects/less links going via redirects on normal pages

  • Average priority (doesn't have to be done within in the next week, but should be done within a few weeks, up to months)
  • Useful pages
  • Delete a redirect/replace a redirect with a direct link on a page if:
    • The redirect is used to correct casing (eg. Passive Provider Chest →‎ Passive provider chest), is a research URL without "(research)" (eg. Advanced electronics →‎ Advanced electronics (research)), or comes from an old name (e.g. Diesel locomotive →‎ Locomotive) and has 0 incoming links.
    • The redirect has an url like "Railway/Train station/Train stop" (subpage (of a subpage)) and has 0 incoming links.
  • Don't delete redirects that have 0 inbound links if:
    • it redirects a word in a language to the right language page (eg. Baum → Tree/de).
    • the redirect contains (achievement), these redirects aid users searching for a specific achievement name.

Redirects are not a bad thing in themselves so we should not get rid of them completely (thus average priority). The aim is to rather clean up pages that link to a lot of redirects by using direct links to the right pages. This enforces the correct naming of pages, better overall style, and eliminates problems with translations due to them linking to the wrongly named pages, so the pages are created under the wrong name, so they have to be moved.

A note on redirects such as Baum → Tree/de (a word in a language redirected to the right language page): These redirects are useful for searching in different languages than English. Without them, finding an item in a different language is significantly harder since the right name can only be found in the text of the page. However, directly linking to these redirects should be avoided since item names often change in translations.

A note on the difference between trusted users and admins

Trusted users are users who have additional rights on the wiki, such as the ability to delete pages. However, trusted users are not part of the moderation team, and should not discipline rule violations. They are free to undo or correct edits that are rule violations or to enforce the style guidelines, but anything outside of that (giving a user a warning etc) should be reserved to administrators.