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Energy and work

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Factorio simulates many aspects of real physics and the quite correct use of energy is one important aspect.

Energy and work are directly dependent.

Game physics is not reality

The Factorio Game physics is quite realistic, but simplified. Please do not compare this definition to those of real physic. See also the Talk-page.

Another explanation can be found in the Forum


Work is "stored energy" or the "result of using power". If you divide the work into parts and release the parts in some time you have energy.

Work is measured in Joules, which is one Watt over the time of one second. See Units#Work.

Types of work

Work is available (or storable) as

Energy / Power

Energy is the "ability to do work". The speed of this doing needs more or less power. The faster something works, the more power is needed, but the result (the work) is the same. In Factorio this is also used a lot to calculate, how much time is needed to produce stuff.

Energy is measured in Watts, nearly every device in Factorio needs energy to work. Energy is produced by Generators, Boiler- or other burner- (or motor-driven) devices (like the car or train).

See Units#Power.

Types of energy

Fuel-based (Boiler, Burner)

Fuel contains a certain amount of energy. The fuel is burned and produces energy (which is converted into movement or heat) and Pollution is emitted.

There are some devices, which can use fuel directly.


Electricity is produced by Generators. The distribution is made over an Electric network, and it is used by Consumers.

That's the single parts! The whole process is also explained as Power Production.

Electricity is the only way to transport energy over long distances. Electricity itself doesn't pollute, the pollution comes either from burning fuel or consuming electricity.