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| You are doing it right!|| [[File:you-are-doing-it-right-achievement.png|64x64px]]||Construct more machines using robots than manually.
| You are doing it right!|| [[File:you-are-doing-it-right-achievement.png|64x64px]]||Construct more machines using robots than manually.
== How to Re-Enable Achievements ==
See this [ forum thread].
== See also ==
== See also ==

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Achievements are a new feature added in 0.13. They keep track of notable milestones obtained while playing. Achievements are available both in the Steam and DRM-free versions of the game, such as downloading from the factorio site.

Disabling achievements

Achievements will be disabled on use of the Console or installing mods. If mods are installed, a separate instance of achievements will be used, and earned achievements will not register with Steam.

List of all achievements

Tip: This is a very large table. Use CTRL + F on most browsers to find specific achievements easily.

Achievement Icon Description
Automated cleanup Automated-cleanup-achievement.png De-construct 100 objects with the construction robots.
Circuit veteran 1 Circuit-veteran-1-achievement.png Produce 1.0k Advanced circuits per hour.
Computer age 1 Computer-age-1-achievement.png Produce 500 Processing units per hour.
You've got a package You-have-got-a-package-achievement.png Supply the player by logistic robot.
Eco unfriendly Eco-unfriendly-achievement.png Research Oil processing.
Iron throne 1 Iron-throne-1-achievement.png Produce 20k Iron plates per hour.
It stinks and they don't like it It-stinks-and-they-dont-like-it-achievement.png Trigger an alien attack by pollution.
Mass production 1 Mass-production-1-achievement.png Produce 10k Electronic circuits.
Solaris Solaris-achievement.png Produce more than 10 GJ energy per hour without the usage of Steam engine.
Automated construction Automated-construction-achievement.png Construct 100 machines using robots.
Circuit veteran 2 Circuit-veteran-2-achievement.png Produce 10k Advanced circuits per hour.
Circuit veteran 3 Circuit-veteran-3-achievement.png Produce 25k Advanced circuits per hour.
Computer age 3 Computer-age-3-achievement.png Produce 5k Processing units per hour.
Computer age 2 Computer-age-2-achievement.png Produce 1.0k Processing units per hour.
Delivery service Delivery-service-achievement.png Supply the player with 10k items delivered by the logistic robots.
Getting on track Getting-on-track-achievement.png Build a Diesel locomotive.
Getting on track like a pro Getting-on-track-like-a-pro-achievement.png Build a Diesel locomotive within first 1 hour and 30 minutes of the game.
Golem Golem-achievement.png Take 500 damage in one hit and survive.
Iron throne 2 Iron-throne-2-achievement.png Produce 200k Iron plates per hour
Iron throne 3 Iron-throne-3-achievement.png Produce 400k Iron plates per hour.
Lazy bastard Lazy-bastard-achievement.png Win the game by crafting no more than 111 items manually.
Logistic network embargo Logistic-network-embargo-achievement.png Win the game without building Active provider chest and requester chest.
Mass production 2 Mass-production-2-achievement.png Produce 1M electronic circuits.
Mass production 3 Mass-production-3-achievement.png Produce 20M Electronic circuits.
Minions Minions-achievement.png Get 100 combat robots following you
Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast Smoke-me-a-kipper-i-will-be-back-for-breakfast-achievement.png Finish the game.
No time for chit-chat No-time-for-chitchat-achievement.png Finish the game in 15 hours
There is no spoon There-is-no-spoon-achievement.png Finish the game in 8 hours
Pyromaniac Pyromaniac-achievement.png Destroy 10k trees with fire
Raining bullets Raining-bullets-achievement.png Win the game without building Laser turret.
Run forrest run Run-forrest-run-achievement.png Destroy 100 trees by impact.
So long and thanks for all the fish So-long-and-thanks-for-all-the-fish-achievement.png
Spoiler! Click to view.
Steam all the way Steam-all-the-way-achievement.png Win the game without using a solar panel.
Streamrolled Steamrolled-achievement.png Destroy 10 Spawners by impact.
Tech maniac Tech-maniac-achievement.png Research all technologies
Trans factorio express Trans-factorio-express-achievement.png Have a Train plans a path 1000 tiles long.
Watch your step Watch-your-step-achievement.png Get killed by moving Locomotive.
You are doing it right! You-are-doing-it-right-achievement.png Construct more machines using robots than manually.

How to Re-Enable Achievements

See this forum thread.

See also