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Array (Types/table) of strings. The possible strings are listed below.


Can't be rotated before or after placing.


  • "placeable-player"
  • "placeable-neutral"
  • "placeable-enemy"

placeable neutral/player/enemy determine the default force when placing entities in the map editor and using the *AUTO* option for the force.


placeable-off-grid refers to the fact that most entities are placed on an invisible 'grid' within the world, entities with the placeable-off-grid flag do not have to line up with this grid (like trees and land-mines)


Makes it possible for the biter AI to target the entity as a distraction. Makes it possible to blueprint, deconstruct, and repair the entity (can be turned off again using the specific flags). Enables smoke to be created automatically when building the entity. If the entity does not have Prototype/Entity#map_color set, "player-creation" makes the entity appear on the map/minimap with the default color specified in the Prototype/UtilityConstants.


Uses 45 degree angle increments when selecting direction.


Used to automatically detect the proper direction, if possible. Used by base with the pump, train stop, and train signal.


Fast replace will not apply when building while moving.


This is used to specify that the entity breathes air, and so is affected by poison (currently poison capsules are the only source).


Used to specify that the entity can not be 'healed' by repair-packs (or construction robots with repair packs)


The entity does not get drawn on the map.


The entity can't be used in blueprints.


The entity can't be deconstructed.


Hides the entity from the bonus GUI (button above the map) and from the made in property of recipe tooltips.


Hides the alt-info of an entity in alt-mode, for example the recipe icon.


Do not fast replace over other entity types when building while moving.



Do not apply fire stickers to the entity.


Prevents inserters and loaders from taking items from this entity.


Prevents inserters and loaders from inserting items into this entity.


This flag does nothing when set in the data stage because it gets overridden by Prototype/Entity#allow_copy_paste. Thus, it must be set on the entity via Prototype/Entity#allow_copy_paste.


Disallows selection of the entity even when a selection box is specified for other reasons. For example, selection boxes are used to determine the size of outlines to be shown when highlighting entities inside electric pole ranges.

This flag does nothing when set in the data stage because it gets overridden by Prototype/Entity#selectable_in_game. Thus, it must be set on the entity via Prototype/Entity#selectable_in_game.


The entity can't be selected by the upgrade planner.


The entity is not shown in the kill statistics.


   flags = {"placeable-neutral", "player-creation"}