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Displays a prototype property and creates a semantic mediawiki object for it. Parameters:

  • First parameter: Property name
  • Second parameter: Property type
  • Third parameter: The default value of the property
  • Named parameter "optional": Set to true when optional, otherwise not set.

Source code:

=== {{{1}}} ===
'''Type''': {{{2}}}<br>{{#if: {{{3|}}}|'''Default''': {{{3}}}<br>|}}{{#subobject:{{{1}}}
 |Prototype property name={{{1}}}
 |Prototype property type={{{2}}}
 |Prototype property optional={{{optional|false}}}
 |Prototype property pagename={{FULLPAGENAME}}

Example for a property of Prototype/Armor:

Name of the [[Prototype/EquipmentGrid]] that this armor has.


Type: string
Name of the Prototype/EquipmentGrid that this armor has.

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