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Used by Template:Prototype TOC to display one section of the prototype table of contents.


  • First parameter: Name of the prototype page
  • Named parameter "optional": true or false or not set. When true/false shows only optional/mandatory properties. If not set it shows all properties.
  • Named parameter "section-title": If set to true (or at all), show a "Inherited from [[{{{1}}}]]" title above the section.

Source code:

 [[Prototype property pagename::{{{1}}}]]
 [[Prototype property optional::{{{optional|+}}}]]
 |?Prototype property name
 |?Prototype property type
 |?Prototype property optional
 |template=Prototype TOC/item
 |sort=Prototype property optional,Prototype property name
 |intro= {{#if: {{{section-title|}}} | <tr><td colspan="3" class="prototype-toc-section-title">Inherited from [[{{{1}}}]]</td></tr> | }}
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