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Prototype definitions » PrototypeBase » Prototype/Entity » Prototype/ResourceEntity

A mineable/gatherable entity. Its collision_mask must contain "resource-layer" if it should be minable with a Prototype/MiningDrill.

Prototype/ResourceEntity — resource
stage_counts::table of uint32
category::string (optional)
effect_animation_period::float (optional)
effect_animation_period_deviation::float (optional)
effect_darkness_multiplier::float (optional)
highlight::bool (optional)
infinite::bool (optional)
infinite_depletion_amount::uint32 (optional)
map_grid::bool (optional)
max_effect_alpha::float (optional)
min_effect_alpha::float (optional)
minimum::uint32 (optional)
mining_visualisation_tint::Color (optional)
normal::uint32 (optional)
randomize_visual_position::bool (optional)
resource_patch_search_radius::uint32 (optional)
stages_effect::AnimationVariations (optional)
tree_removal_max_distance::double (optional)
tree_removal_probability::double (optional)
walking_sound::Sound (optional)
Inherited from Prototype/Entity
icons, icon, icon_size (IconSpecification)::IconSpecification
additional_pastable_entities::table of string (optional)
alert_icon_scale::float (optional)
alert_icon_shift::vector (optional)
allow_copy_paste::bool (optional)
autoplace::AutoplaceSpecification (optional)
build_base_evolution_requirement::double (optional)
build_grid_size::uint8 (optional)
build_sound::Sound (optional)
close_sound::Sound (optional)
collision_box::BoundingBox (optional)
collision_mask::CollisionMask (optional)
created_effect::Trigger (optional)
created_smoke::CreateTrivialSmokeEffectItem (optional)
drawing_box::BoundingBox (optional)
emissions_per_second::double (optional)
enemy_map_color::Color (optional)
fast_replaceable_group::string (optional)
flags::EntityPrototypeFlags (optional)
friendly_map_color::Color (optional)
hit_visualization_box::BoundingBox (optional)
map_color::Color (optional)
map_generator_bounding_box::BoundingBox (optional)
minable::MinableProperties (optional)
mined_sound::Sound (optional)
mining_sound::Sound (optional)
next_upgrade::string (optional)
open_sound::Sound (optional)
placeable_by::ItemToPlace or table of ItemToPlace (optional)
protected_from_tile_building::bool (optional)
radius_visualisation_specification::RadiusVisualisationSpecification (optional)
remains_when_mined::string or table of string (optional)
remove_decoratives::string (optional)
rotated_sound::Sound (optional)
selectable_in_game::bool (optional)
selection_box::BoundingBox (optional)
selection_priority::uint8 (optional)
shooting_cursor_size::double (optional)
sticker_box::BoundingBox (optional)
subgroup::string (optional)
tile_height::uint32 (optional)
tile_width::uint32 (optional)
trigger_target_mask::TriggerTargetMask (optional)
vehicle_impact_sound::Sound (optional)
water_reflection::WaterReflectionDefinition (optional)
working_sound::WorkingSound (optional)
Inherited from PrototypeBase
localised_description::LocalisedString (optional)
localised_name::LocalisedString (optional)
order::Order (optional)

Mandatory properties

This prototype inherits all the properties from Prototype/Entity.


Type: AnimationVariations
Entity's graphics, using a graphic sheet, with variation and depletion. At least one stage must be defined.

When using Types/AnimationVariations#sheet, frame_count is the amount of frames per row in the spritesheet. variation_count is the amount of rows in the spritesheet. Each row in the spritesheet is one stage of the animation.


Type: table of uint32
Number of stages the animation has.

Optional properties


Type: bool
Default: false
If the ore is infinitely minable, or if it will eventually run out of resource.


Type: bool
Default: false
If the resource should be highlighted when holding a mining drill that can mine it (holding a pumpjack highlights crude-oil in the base game).


Type: bool
Default: true
If there is a slight offset to graphics of the resource. Used to make patches a little less uniform in appearance.


Type: bool
Default: true
Whether the resource should have a grid pattern on the map instead of a solid map color.


Type: uint32
Default: 0
Must be not 0 when infinite = true.


Type: uint32
Default: 1
Must be not 0 when infinite = true.


Type: uint32
Default: 1
Every time an infinite-type resource "ticks" lower it's lowered by that amount. -- Rseding91


Type: uint32
Default: 3
When hovering over this resource in the map view: How far to search for other resource patches of this type to display as one (summing amount, white outline).


Type: string
Default: "basic-solid"
The category for the resource. Available categories in vanilla can be found here: Data.raw#resource-category


Type: Sound
Sound played when the player walks over this resource.


Type: AnimationVariations
An effect that can be overlayed above the normal ore graphics. Used in the base game to make uranium ore glow.


Type: float
Default: 0.0
How long it takes stages_effect to go from min_effect_alpha to max_effect_alpha.


Type: float
Default: 0.0
How much effect_animation_period can deviate from its original value. Used to make the stages effect alpha change look less uniform.


Type: float
Default: 1.0
How much the surface darkness should affect the alpha of stages_effect.


Type: float
Default: 0.0
Minimal alpha value of stages_effect.


Type: float
Default: 1.0
Maximal alpha value of stages_effect.


Type: double
Default: 0
Must be positive.


Type: double
Default: 0
Must be positive when tree_removal_probability is set.


Type: Color
Default: unset
Defaults to the resources map color if left unset and map color is set, otherwise defaults to white if left unset.


    type = "resource",
    name = "crude-oil",
    icon = "__base__/graphics/icons/crude-oil.png",
    icon_size = 32,
    flags = {"placeable-neutral"},
    category = "basic-fluid",
    infinite = true,
    highlight = true,
    minimum = 60000,
    normal = 300000,
    infinite_depletion_amount = 10,
    resource_patch_search_radius = 12,
    tree_removal_probability = 0.7,
    tree_removal_max_distance = 32 * 32,
    minable =
      mining_time = 1,
      results =
          type = "fluid",
          name = "crude-oil",
          amount_min = 10,
          amount_max = 10,
          probability = 1
    collision_box = {{ -1.4, -1.4}, {1.4, 1.4}},
    selection_box = {{ -0.5, -0.5}, {0.5, 0.5}},
    autoplace = resource_autoplace.resource_autoplace_settings{
      name = "crude-oil",
      order = "c", -- Other resources are "b"; oil won't get placed if something else is already there.
      base_density = 8.2,
      base_spots_per_km2 = 1.8,
      random_probability = 1/48,
      random_spot_size_minimum = 1,
      random_spot_size_maximum = 1, -- don't randomize spot size
      additional_richness = 220000, -- this increases the total everywhere, so base_density needs to be decreased to compensate
      has_starting_area_placement = false,
      resource_index = resource_autoplace.resource_indexes["crude-oil"],
      regular_rq_factor_multiplier = 1
    stage_counts = {0},
    stages =
      sheet =
        filename = "__base__/graphics/entity/crude-oil/crude-oil.png",
        priority = "extra-high",
        width = 75,
        height = 61,
        frame_count = 4,
        variation_count = 1
    map_color = {r=0.78, g=0.2, b=0.77},
    map_grid = false