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An item group. Item groups are shown above the list of craftable items in the player's inventory. The built-in groups are "logistics", "production", "intermediate-products" and "combat" but mods can define their own. Only 255 instances of this prototype may be defined.

Items are sorted into item groups by sorting them into a subgroup which then belongs to a item group.

Prototype/ItemGroup — item-group
icons, icon, icon_size (IconSpecification)::IconSpecification
order_in_recipe::Order (optional)
Inherited from PrototypeBase
localised_description::LocalisedString (optional)
localised_name::LocalisedString (optional)
order::Order (optional)

Mandatory properties

Inherits all properties from PrototypeBase.

icons, icon, icon_size (IconSpecification)

Type: IconSpecification
The icon that is shown to represent this item group.

Optional properties


Type: Order
Default: The order of this item group.
Item ingredients in recipes are ordered by item group. The order_in_recipe property can be used to specify the ordering in recipes without affecting the inventory order.