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Prototype definitions » PrototypeBase » Prototype/Entity » Prototype/EntityWithHealth

Abstract base of all entities with health in the game.

Prototype/EntityWithHealth — abstract
alert_when_damaged::bool (optional)
attack_reaction::AttackReaction (optional)
corpse::string or table of strings (optional)
create_ghost_on_death::bool (optional)
damaged_trigger_effect::TriggerEffect (optional)
dying_explosion::ExplosionDefinition or table of ExplosionDefinition (optional)
dying_trigger_effect::TriggerEffect (optional)
healing_per_tick::float (optional)
hide_resistances::bool (optional)
integration_patch::Sprite4Way (optional)
integration_patch_render_layer::RenderLayer (optional)
loot::Loot (optional)
max_health::float (optional)
random_corpse_variation::bool (optional)
repair_sound::Sound (optional)
repair_speed_modifier::float (optional)
resistances::Resistances (optional)
Inherited from Prototype/Entity
icons, icon, icon_size (IconSpecification)::IconSpecification
additional_pastable_entities::table of string (optional)
alert_icon_scale::float (optional)
alert_icon_shift::vector (optional)
allow_copy_paste::bool (optional)
autoplace::AutoplaceSpecification (optional)
build_base_evolution_requirement::double (optional)
build_grid_size::uint8 (optional)
build_sound::Sound (optional)
close_sound::Sound (optional)
collision_box::BoundingBox (optional)
collision_mask::CollisionMask (optional)
created_effect::Trigger (optional)
created_smoke::CreateTrivialSmokeEffectItem (optional)
drawing_box::BoundingBox (optional)
emissions_per_second::double (optional)
enemy_map_color::Color (optional)
fast_replaceable_group::string (optional)
flags::EntityPrototypeFlags (optional)
friendly_map_color::Color (optional)
hit_visualization_box::BoundingBox (optional)
map_color::Color (optional)
map_generator_bounding_box::BoundingBox (optional)
minable::MinableProperties (optional)
mined_sound::Sound (optional)
mining_sound::Sound (optional)
next_upgrade::string (optional)
open_sound::Sound (optional)
placeable_by::ItemToPlace or table of ItemToPlace (optional)
protected_from_tile_building::bool (optional)
radius_visualisation_specification::RadiusVisualisationSpecification (optional)
remains_when_mined::string or table of string (optional)
remove_decoratives::string (optional)
rotated_sound::Sound (optional)
selectable_in_game::bool (optional)
selection_box::BoundingBox (optional)
selection_priority::uint8 (optional)
shooting_cursor_size::double (optional)
sticker_box::BoundingBox (optional)
subgroup::string (optional)
tile_height::uint32 (optional)
tile_width::uint32 (optional)
trigger_target_mask::TriggerTargetMask (optional)
vehicle_impact_sound::Sound (optional)
water_reflection::WaterReflectionDefinition (optional)
working_sound::WorkingSound (optional)
Inherited from PrototypeBase
localised_description::LocalisedString (optional)
localised_name::LocalisedString (optional)
order::Order (optional)


Optional properties


Type: float
Default: 10
The unit health can never go over the maximum. Default health of units on creation is set to max. Must be greater than 0.

   max_health = 50


Type: float
Default: 0.001666 for Prototype/Tree, 0 for the rest of entities
The amount of health automatically regenerated per tick. The entity must be active for this to work.
Trees will regenerate every 60 ticks with healing_per_tick × 60 and they don't need to be active.

  healing_per_tick = 0.01


Type: float
Default: 1


Type: ExplosionDefinition or table of ExplosionDefinition
Either one ExplosionDefinition or an array of them. The entities that are spawned in place of this one when it dies.


Type: TriggerEffect


Type: TriggerEffect


Type: Loot
The loot is dropped on the ground when the entity is killed.

loot =
    count_max = 10,
    count_min = 2,
    item = "stone",
    probability = 1


Type: Resistances
See: Damage

resistances = 
    type = "fire",
    percent = 80
    type = "explosion",
    percent = 30


Type: AttackReaction
Default: Empty


Type: Sound
Default: Utility sound (defaultManualRepair)


Type: bool
Default: true


Type: bool
Default: true
Whether the resistances of this entity should be hidden in the entity tooltip.


Type: bool
Default: true


Type: bool
Default: false


Type: RenderLayer
Default: "lower-object"


Type: string or table of strings
Default: Empty
Specifies the name(s) of the Prototype/Corpse entity to be used when this entity dies.


Type: Sprite4Way
Sprite drawn on ground under the entity to make it feel more integrated into the ground.


    type = "container",
    name = "wooden-chest",
    icon = "__base__/graphics/icons/wooden-chest.png",
    flags = {"placeable-neutral", "player-creation"},
    minable = {mining_time = 1, result = "wooden-chest"},
    max_health = 100,
    corpse = "small-remnants",
    collision_box = {{-0.35, -0.35}, {0.35, 0.35}},
    fast_replaceable_group = "container",
    selection_box = {{-0.5, -0.5}, {0.5, 0.5}},
    inventory_size = 16,
    open_sound = { filename = "__base__/sound/wooden-chest-open.ogg" },
    close_sound = { filename = "__base__/sound/wooden-chest-close.ogg" },
    vehicle_impact_sound =  { filename = "__base__/sound/car-wood-impact.ogg", volume = 1.0 },
    picture =
      filename = "__base__/graphics/entity/wooden-chest/wooden-chest.png",
      priority = "extra-high",
      width = 46,
      height = 33,
      shift = {0.25, 0.015625}
    circuit_wire_connection_point =
      shadow =
        red = {0.734375, 0.453125},
        green = {0.609375, 0.515625},
      wire =
        red = {0.40625, 0.21875},
        green = {0.40625, 0.375},
    circuit_connector_sprites = get_circuit_connector_sprites({0.1875, 0.15625}, nil, 18),
    circuit_wire_max_distance = 9