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The Nintendo Switch version of Factorio was released on October 28, 2022. It is mostly identical to the PC version, the only large difference is the missing mod support.
Save files are compatible between platforms. Cross-platform multiplayer is possible as long as the game versions match. When using Steam on PC, the "console" beta branch can be selected to match game version.

Both the Nintendo Switch version of the game and the PC version support using a controller to play the game.

Controller support

Free Cursor

Character is close enough to chop down tree

When using keyboard and mouse to control the game, the cursor is, obviously, controlled by the mouse. When using a controller, like on the Switch, there are two different cursor modes: "free cursor" and "auto cursor". To toggle between them, press the right stick.

Character is not close enough to chop down tree

With free cursor, there is a mouse-like cursor (either a cross hair or an item selected from the character inventory), controlled by the right stick. It behaves much like a mouse cursor - its position is relative to the physical screen, and pretty much does not ever change, even when the character moves, the player changes views, the view is zoomed in or out, etc. Using the console touch-screen will immediately move the cursor to the touched spot.

With auto cursor, there is NOT a visible cursor on the screen and the system will automatically select some object near the character as the active structure, or the selected item from the character inventory will appear near the character. Auto cursor mode is similar to conventional console games, where operations are centered on the character itself. The right joy stick can be used to change placement of an item or influence which structure is selected, but it isn't possible to reliably select a specific structure without moving right next to it. In an area with lots of structures, the selected structure will be the one in the direction the character is looking - this is where using the right joystick to look around can be helpful.

There are two things players should remember when using free cursor. First, it is often not necessary to move the character to perform actions. The second is the action range limit - all actions on external structures have a distance limit, how far away from the character the cursor can be, when performing the action. Some actions, such as chopping down a tree, have a very short range. If the structure's selection frame is yellow then it is in range, red is out of range. In auto cursor mode, a structure that is out of range will never be selected.

In combat, free cursor can be used to target a specific enemy, or enemies in a specific area, and is especially useful for selecting targets for long ranged weapons (such as the tank gun or a rocket launcher).

Auto cursor will fire at the enemy closest to the character, which may be more useful in some combat situations.

Quick panel

There are some elements from the keyboard and mouse GUI that have been moved into a single popup panel for controller support.

The quick panel is displayed when the L (left bumper) is held down and disappears when it is released.


  • There is no mod support.[1]
  • Nintendo Switch Online is required for online play, but not required for LAN games.[2]
  • Games hosted on a dedicated server are not shown in the browse multiplayer game GUIs.
  • There is no save transfer feature, but saves can be transferred using multiplayer.[3]
  • There is no blueprint transfer feature, but blueprints can be transferred using multiplayer.[4]
  • Maps over 100MB or with a very large number of entities (typically downloaded from the PC version) can not be loaded.[5]


Alt mode view of an oil refinery shows the recipe (advanced oil processing)

There is a mode which, on keyboards, is toggled by pressing ALT, so naturally it is called "Alt mode". In this mode, the view will show additional information about certain structures including the current recipe for any assembling machine or chemical plant and the contents of any containers.

On controllers, alt mode is toggled using Up.

When using an machine with fluid inputs and/or outputs, the "Alt mode" will show an icon on each input or output to show what product is used as an input or produced as an output on each connection. These may be hard to see on the Switch built-in console display when zoomed out. For most recipes, there is either only one connection, or both connections take the same input. The connection layout of the oil refinery is shown in the image on the right.

While most commands are mapped on controllers by default, some of the less common commands are not mapped by default. The player may want to map the Blueprint commands instead of using the quick panel to access them.

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The Nintendo Switch version of the game has its own changelog in addition to the changes from the PC version.

Version: 1.1.104


  • Trying to close a window will first close any opened drop-down. This improves navigating drop-downs with controllers.


  • Fixed intro sound being choppy sometimes.
  • Fixed controller relative driving mode steering left and right repeatedly in multiplayer.
  • Fixed controller relative driving mode causing jittery movement when driving backwards.
  • Fixed crash when placing linked chest in multiplayer with hotkey suggestions enabled.
  • Fixed that migration_applied was always false in the on_configuration_changed event.
  • Fixed that item health bars didn't render correctly at some scales.
  • Fixed a crash when the server has disconnected while setting quickbar slots.
  • Fixed that the delete save confirm could delete the wrong save if a different one was selected while it was showing.
  • Fixed that the custom camera widget wouldn't render entity status icons correctly.
  • Fixed that LuaGameScript::auto_save() wouldn't work if the root saves folder didn't already exist.
  • Fixed that selecting a group in the chat icon selector GUI would occasionally select a random result.
  • Fixed tank not consuming fuel when turning while braking.
  • Fixed train could not advance from destination full state when a train stop placed from blueprint was built before a rail next to it.
  • Fixed partial item transfer not preserving inventory hand location.
  • Fixed transport belt would keep saying "Disabled by control behavior" after circuit wires were removed.
  • Fixed a crash when searching in certain icon selector GUIs.
  • Fixed that empty locale would cause things to not show in GUIs.
  • Fixed that LuaFluidBox::get_fluid_system_contents() did not behave correctly when the fluid box was not part of a fluid system.


  • Added show_generated_chunks debug option which shows uncharted yet generated chunks on the map.

Version: 1.1.101


  • Fixed a crash when entering bad number values in some input fields.
  • Fixed a crash when removing an item that is being used to hand craft a recipe while also changing the recipe to take fluid ingredients.
  • Fixed a crash when defining a recipe that takes zero fluid as the first ingredient.
  • Fixed cloning a furnace would not preserve previous recipe id.
  • Fixed that selecting a locale would sometimes reset the setting back to "Default"
  • Fixed that choose-elem-button equipment tooltips were missing the equipment name and description.
  • Fixed being unable to focus search in the train overview GUI with Control + F when a mod attaches a relative GUI element to it.
  • Fixed a crash when item stack of item-on-ground becomes empty because of scripted stack transfer.

Version: 1.1.100


  • Optimized saving time slightly.
  • Reduced memory usage slightly.


  • Technology researched message does not play chat notification sound.
  • Pressing "Regenerate map" in the map editor will open the map generator.
  • "Regenerate map" is no longer available in map editor for scenarios that don't use the map generator.


  • Fixed crash when playing "Rocket rush" scenario.
  • Fixed crashes when putting super large numbers in number input fields.
  • Fixed a desync when putting super large numbers in the map editor brush size fields.
  • Fixed a crash when changing the technology price multiplier while research is in progress.
  • Fixed a desync related to manual crafting large recipe counts.
  • Fixed rendering of cliff previews.
  • Fixed train fulfilled fraction was always showing full green background.
  • Fixed a desync when technology prices would grow beyond 18~ quintillion.
  • Fixed a crash when entering large values for train wait times.
  • Fixed that cloning rails in the map editor could lead to corrupt saves in some instances.
  • Fixed offset of circuit connector sprites for inserters
  • Fixed that pressing regenerate map in the map editor would change the map generator settings GUI next time it's used.
  • Fixed that reset technology effects would advance infinite research in some cases.
  • Fixed loader would not connect to belts in preview in some cases.
  • Fixed bad pumpjack drain logic related to yield.
  • Fixed recipes with ingredients craftable for free could not be crafted.

Version: 1.1.94

Minor Features:

  • Added a notification when a technology is researched.
  • Added /enable-research-queue console command to enable the research queue without disabling achievements.


  • The research queue is enabled by default for new games.


  • The on-screen keyboard can now input new lines in multi-line text boxes.
  • Fixed another rare crash when using very long belts(over 900 tiles).
  • Fixed vibrations not working after changing controller configuration while the console is asleep.
  • Fixed that selection tool with "cancel-deconstruct", "cancel-upgrade" or "downgrade" mode would not render selection of entities.
  • Fixed it was possible to create maps with width or height larger than 2000000.
  • Fixed recipe tooltip in assembling machine was doing intermediate crafting logic when showing items missing for crafting.
  • Fixed inserter could take items from wrong side of a belt when the belt shape was changed.
  • Fixed that heat buffer temperatures would not migrate correctly when changing the prototype maximum temperature.
  • Fixed that the research queue would not be enabled by default for the Marathon and Death world marathon presets.
  • Fixed fast replacing train stops would not preserve trains limit.
  • Fixed that crafting machines did not handle item-with-tags type items correctly.
  • Fixed server not showing in LAN server browser if the game is also public and with a different external port because of NAT.
  • Fixed controller vibrations playing in keyboard and mouse mode.
  • Fixed that pumpjacks would not show the correct status when they were stopped due to full fluid output.

Version: 1.1.91

Minor Features:

  • Added vibrations to vehicle collisions.


  • Fixed that notch slider tooltips would not show in some cases.
  • Fixed that any error with an audio stream would crash the game, improved audio stream error handling in general.
  • Fixed a hang in audio streams.
  • Fixed blueprint setup GUI cutting off at the bottom.
  • Fixed cursor sometimes teleporting to nearby entities when selecting entities to be built from the Quick panel, in multiplayer.
  • Fixed multiplayer desync with other platforms.
  • Fixed a player could not obtain achievements if it was in game for longer than 9942h.
  • Fixed that Build control was allowing binding to controller buttons that would not work.

Version: 1.1.87


  • Added keyboard and mouse support. Change input method in Settings->Controls to play using keyboard and mouse.

Minor Features:

  • Added stick sensitivity setting.
  • Added ability to quickly swap A and B buttons.

Version: 1.1.82


  • Reduced the number of crashes for players with very large saves running low on memory.
  • Improved the latency of selecting entities in multiplayer.
  • General bugfixes and improvements

Version: 1.1.80


  • General bugfixes and improvements

Version: 1.1.76

Minor Features:

  • Added vibration intensity setting to the control settings screen.
  • Added absolute vehicle control mode as a setting in the control settings screen.
  • Added option to enable predictive text for the on-screen keyboard. Enabling this also allows entering Chinese and Korean text and Japanese kanji characters.


  • When in free cursor mode with a GUI open, Left Stick will also move the cursor.
  • When in free cursor mode with Quick panel open, Left Stick will navigate the Quick panel normally.


  • Fixed the cursor in the world map moving twice as fast in free cursor mode.
  • Fixed GUI navigation getting stuck on AND/OR buttons in the locomotive GUI.
  • Fixed GUI navigation navigating to empty technology slots in research queue.
  • Fixed GUI navigation sometimes getting stuck when navigating large technology trees.

Version: 1.1.74

Minor Features:

  • Added option in Settings->Other to set an email and password to the account, so it can be used on other platforms or consoles.
  • Added Danish localization


  • Fixed crash when creating extremely long belts.
  • Fixed crash when a textbox disappears while the on screen keyboard is still open.
  • Fixed crash when exiting the game while a new map is being created.
  • Fixed crash sometimes when transferring all items from character corpse.
  • Fixed another crash when trying to save with a long save file name

Version: 1.1.72


  • Fixed crash when exiting the level while Quick Panel is open.
  • Fixed crash when dying while Quick Panel is open.
  • Fixed crash when trying to save with a long save file name
  • Fixed that you could not map controller sticks in the control settings gui.
  • Fixed memory leak related to OpenGL textures, affecting mostly main menu background simulations.