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Military units and structures

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Some units and structures are marked as Military units or Military structures and are high priority targets for enemy forces. They will be attacked on sight by:

There are a few exceptions:


Military units and structures are identified by a flag on Prototype/EntityWithOwner. This can be changed by modding, except for units and unit spawners. The default military prototypes are listed in the table below.

Military units

Icon Name Default
Player player character
Defender capsule.png
Defender capsule player combat-robot
Distractor capsule.png
Distractor capsule player combat-robot
Destroyer capsule.png
Destroyer capsule player combat-robot
Construction robot.png
Construction robot player construction-robot
Logistic robot.png
Logistic robot player logistic-robot
Land mine.png
Land mine player land-mine
Small biter.png
Small biter enemy unit
Small spitter.png
Small spitter enemy unit
Medium biter.png
Medium biter enemy unit
Medium spitter.png
Medium spitter enemy unit
Big biter.png
Big biter enemy unit
Big spitter.png
Big spitter enemy unit
Behemoth biter.png Behemoth biter enemy unit
Behemoth spitter.png
Behemoth spitter enemy unit
Compilatron enemy unit

Military structures

Icon Name Default
Gun turret.png
Gun turret player ammo-turret
Flamethrower turret.png
Flamethrower turret player fluid-turret
Laser turret.png
Laser turret player electric-turret
Artillery turret.png
Artillery turret player artillery-turret
Radar player radar
Small worm.png
Small worm enemy turret
Medium worm.png
Medium worm enemy turret
Big worm.png
Big worm enemy turret
Behemoth worm.png
Behemoth worm enemy turret
Biter nest.png
Biter spawner enemy unit-spawner
Spitter nest.png
Spitter spawner enemy unit-spawner
Player port player-port
SimpleEntityWithForce simple-entity-with-force