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Install guide

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Factorio can be obtained on Steam which handles the download and installation automatically. If the game is bought via the official factorio site, it can be downloaded on the website. It is possible to link a Steam and a account together to be able to download the game from both platforms, at no additional cost.

Note that as of version 0.15, 32bit versions of the game are no longer available, leaving 32 bit players stuck on version 0.14.23.

Downloading and installing Stable versions

Via the official website

To install Stable Factorio, visit the official game download portal, found here, and download the latest stable version, while logged in. The latest stable version can be found on this wiki's main page, as well as in many community places. After downloading, either unpack the downloaded archive, or run the automatic installer, depending on the choice you made. Install Factorio wherever your OS specifies programs to be installed, (or wherever you prefer) and the game should be runnable from there. The copy obtained from the official website is DRM free, and can be run without an internet connection, independent of Wube's servers. However, redistribution laws still apply.

This version will automatically update to the newest stable version that comes out. If you wish to switch from stable to experimental, changing the config of the game is necessary to allow experimental downloads, see this video for details.

Via Steam

To download and install the game via Steam, if you have already purchased the game, simply use Steam's native download and install system.

Via an automated process

Due to Factorio's need for authentication to download, using automated downloaders (such as a download manager, wget or other similar) is only possible if the application offers the ability to request using a username and password. For more info, see Web authentication API, and Download API.

Downloading and installing experimental versions

Via official website

To download experimental versions from the website, simply visit the official download portal for experimental versions. Automatic updating of existing, non-steam Factorio installations to experimental versions can be enabled in Main menu -> Settings -> Other.

The copy obtained from the official website is DRM free and can be run without an internet connection, independent of Wube's servers. However, redistribution laws still apply.

Via Steam

On Steam, the experimental version can installed by right-clicking on Factorio in the Steam library, selecting "Properties", going into the "Betas" tab and choosing the experimental version (no code required). It is advised to choose the experimental version ending in .x (such as 0.17.x) as this will auto update the game to the latest experimental version whenever a new one is released.

Adding Factorio to a system launcher

Factorio can be pinned to a system launcher tray for easy access. See the following links for how to do that:

For Linux, simply create a Factorio.desktop file anywhere you want, and insert the following text into it, replacing the paths with your own.

[Desktop Entry]


To uninstall Factorio, follow the steps below depending on your install method:

Independent install

If Factorio was installed from the website, via a Zip package or similar, simply delete the installation. Factorio creates no hooks into the OS when installed this way.

Automatic installer

If you used the automatic installer, you can uninstall Factorio via your OS's proper install/uninstall programs screen.

Steam or other distribution service

Simply uninstall the game through the distribution service's client.