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Game modes and options

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In the new game GUI, the desired scenario can be selected on the left. In the top right corner, replays can be enabled.

These game modes are available in the Factorio base game:

  • Main game
    • Tutorial - A series of five levels for new players.
      • Level 4 and 5 can be played in multiplayer.
    • Freeplay - The intended way of playing Factorio. Your task is to launch a rocket into space.
  • Game scenarios
    • Transport belt madness - Test your belt layout skills by connecting chests on a small island.
    • Tight spot - Buy land and machines and sell your final product.
    • Wave defense - Defend the rocket silo against waves of enemy biters and launch a rocket to win.
      • Can be played in multiplayer.
    • Supply challenge - Timed challenge to produce and deliver specified items for each level.
      • Can be played in multiplayer.
    • PvP - Blow up your friends.
      • Can only be played in multiplayer.
    • Team production - Compete as small teams to complete short production-based objectives.
      • Can only be played in multiplayer.
    • Sandbox - A creative mode where the player can have all technologies researched and spawn in items.
      • Can be played in multiplayer.
    • Rocket rush - Try to launch a rocket as fast a possible with all technologies already unlocked.
      • Can be played in multiplayer.