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Car entity.png


Engine unit.png
Iron plate.png
Steel plate.png

Total raw

Engine unit.png
Iron plate.png
Steel plate.png

Map icon

Car map icon.png

Storage size





Acid: 0/20%
Fire: 0/50%
Impact: 50/30%

Stack size




Shooting speed



Firearm magazine.png
Piercing rounds magazine.png
Uranium rounds magazine.png

Energy consumption

150 kW (burner)

Mining time




Prototype type


Internal name


Required technologies

Automobilism (research).png

Produced by

Assembling machine 1.png
Assembling machine 2.png
Assembling machine 3.png

Valid fuel

Solid fuel.png
Rocket fuel.png
Nuclear fuel.png
Two cars taking on the colors of their current drivers.

The car is the earliest alternate form of transportation available to the player, and is one of three non-rail vehicles in Factorio; the others being the tank and the spidertron. Although it requires fuel, driving a car is much faster than running, letting the player scout out areas or outmaneuver enemies. Cars have a vehicle machine gun that has a 50% higher rate of fire and can fire two tiles farther than the submachine gun, 80 slots of storage and 450 health, allowing the player to use hit-and-run tactics against small groups of enemies.

Cars can collide with objects. Both the car and the object collided with may take damage. The damage is dependent on the speed of the car and the health of the target; small biters and trees can be safely rammed but colliding with big biters can easily destroy the vehicle and its contents. If the car is destroyed, its inventory is destroyed with it, though the player gets ejected and not killed.

In multiplayer, it is possible for a player to enter a car alongside another player. The passenger can take control of the weapons of the car using a switch in the GUI of the car, but cannot steer the car. Cars will take on the color of the player who drove it last.

Cars are moved by transport belts and inserters can interact with them. Because of that, cars may be used as large chests or as another mean of transportation besides belts, trains and robots.


Main article: Controls

Accelerating opposite of the velocity of the car will cause it to brake. Held acceleration controls won't have any effect after a brake. The faster the car is going, the longer distance it will take to brake. The more powerful the fuel used to power the car, the faster the car's acceleration: Solid fuel adds 20% acceleration, rocket fuel adds 80% while nuclear fuel adds 150%. Stone brick will reduce rolling resistance on cars, with concrete and refined concrete equally reducing resistance even further.

When using a controller, such as on the Nintendo Switch, the behaviour of the left joystick in vehicles can be switched between two modes:

  • Relative vehicle driving mode (default): Moving the stick in a direction will make vehicles automatically turn and accelerate to that side of the screen.
  • Absolute vehicle driving mode: Moving the stick up/down will make vehicles accelerate/brake. Moving the stick left/right will make vehicles turn in that direction.
Action Default keyboard binding Default controller binding
Enter/leave vehicle ENTER (AKA carriage return, etc) ZR + X
Accelerate forward W Use left joystick
Accelerate backwards S Use left joystick
Steer right D Use left joystick
Steer left A Use left joystick


Car top speed (km/h)

Top speed with various fuels on different tiles

Wood Coal Solid fuel Rocket fuel Nuclear fuel
Sand 87.6 87.6 96.0 117.5 138.5
Grass 92.9 92.9 101.8 124.7 146.9
Red desert 92.9 92.9 101.8 124.7 146.9
Dirt 99.4 99.4 108.9 133.3 157.1
Stone path 112.2 112.2 122.9 150.5 177.4
Shallow water 117.7 117.7 128.9 157.9 186.0
Concrete* 131.6 131.6 144.1 176.5 208.1
Refined concrete* 131.6 131.6 144.1 176.5 208.1

* The same stats apply to the hazard version of these surfaces.

Speed in reverse

The top speed of the car in reverse is ~70.7% of the forward top speed.


Steamrolled-achievement.png Steamrolled

Destroy 10 spawners by impact.

Run-forrest-run-achievement.png Run Forrest, run

Destroy 100 trees by impact.


  • 0.16.0:
    • In multiplayer players can now ride as passengers in cars/tanks.
  • 0.14.0:
    • Added support for equipment grids in cars.
  • 0.12.26:
    • Running into biters in peaceful mode will anger them.
  • 0.12.2:
    • Added filters to the car cargo inventory.
  • 0.12.0:
    • Car ammo inventory is refilled from the trunk when depleted.
  • 0.11.12:
    • Gates now open in time for the car to pass through.
  • 0.11.8:
    • The car can now accept fuel and ammo by inserter or shift/control click even when the burner/ammo slots are already full. The extra fuel and ammo will go into the trunk.
  • 0.11.0:
    • Cars collide with objects
    • Disabled shooting from the car, however capsules can still be used
  • 0.7.2:
    • Smoother car acceleration and braking
    • Sound effects for cars
  • 0.9.0:
    • Changed the recipe a little
  • 0.7.2:
    • Added a low graphics option for the car
  • 0.7.0:
    • Decreased the car health from 2000 to 500.
  • 0.4.0:
    • Car shows the "out of fuel" icon when out of fuel
    • Car is now mine-able
    • Made driving easier
  • 0.2.8:
    • Health bar of car is now shown.

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