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Alien artifact

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Alien artifact has been archived.
The information on this page pertains to a previous version of the game.
It may be incorrect, or concern a removed/changed feature.
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Alien artifact


Obtaining: Drops from Spawners when destroyed.

Stack size


Required technologies

None required

Consumed by

Alien science pack.png
Portable fusion reactor.png
Power armor.png
Power armor MK2.png
Efficiency module 3.png
Speed module 3.png
Productivity module 3.png

As of 0.15, alien artifacts and alien science packs were removed from the game. This makes destroying alien spawners only beneficial for clearing out land, preventing attacks and/or just presenting an extra challenge to the game.

Alien artifacts (also known as “Alien eggs”) could only be obtained by destroying alien spawners. They were needed for some very powerful high-tech equipment, but mainly for production of Alien science packs. Unlike other items dropped on the ground, it was not necessary to use the “Pick up items” key to pick up artifacts—simply walking over them was enough. Like other items, they could also be picked up by ordering Construction robots to “deconstruct” them.

Alien artifacts would become more and more challenging to obtain, as the more enemies were killed, the more the remaining enemies would evolve stronger.


  • 0.15.0:
    • Removed from the game.

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