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Steel furnace warning icon.gif

Alerts show small triangle icons on the right of the quickbar and play a sound unless muted. Warning icons are shown directly on a given entity. Alerts globally inform the player of the status of the factory, including missing construction material or entities being destroyed, warning icons show the status of a given entity, such as low power or ammunition.

Alerts last 10 seconds and can be clicked to show the position of the entity which caused the alert on the map. Hovering over an alert enlarges the associated alert icons on the map and shows arrows on the screen edges that point to the positions of the entities that caused the alert.

Configuration of alerts

Alerts can be turned on and off, and muted/unmuted using the /alerts command in the console. This command does not disable achievements. The syntax is

/alerts <enable/disable/mute/unmute> <alert type>

Available alert types are: entity_destroyed, entity_under_attack, not_enough_construction_robots, no_material_for_construction, not_enough_repair_packs, turret_fire, no_storage, train_out_of_fuel, fluid_mixing and custom.

Custom alerts are alerts that are displayed using the programmable speaker.

List of alerts

Alert Type Description
Danger-icon.png entity_under_attack X objects are being damaged.
Destroyed-icon.png entity_destroyed X objects were destroyed.
No-building-material-icon.png no_material_for_construction
X objects are missing the material for construction.
X objects can't be constructed due to fluid mixing.
No-storage-space-icon.png no_storage Not enough logistic network storage space available.
Not-enough-construction-robots-icon.png not_enough_construction_robots X objects are missing construction robots.
Not-enough-repair-packs-icon.png not_enough_repair_packs X objects are missing repair packs.
Warning-icon.png turret_fire X turrets are engaged with the enemy.
Fuel-icon-red.png train_out_of_fuel Train out of fuel.

List of warning icons

Icon Description
Ammo-icon-red.png This turret is missing ammunition.
Electricity-icon-red.png This object is low on power.
Electricity-icon-unplugged.png This power-consumer is not connected to a power-generator/this power-generator is not connected to a power-consuming object.
Fuel-icon-red.png This object is missing fuel.
Logistic-delivery.png This object is missing the material for construction.
Recharge-icon.png This object's internal energy buffer is low.
Too-far-from-roboport-icon.png This logistic chest is outside the reach of a roboport.