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Achievements are given to the player when certain events happen or criteria is fulfilled. Some achievements are meant to make the player feel invested in the game. Others are meant to guide the player to use different strategies and optional game mechanics. Achievements are available in both the Steam and standalone versions.

Disabling achievements

Achievement list in-game.

Achievements can only be unlocked in the default game mode, called Freeplay. Any scenarios, such as the tutorial or custom scenarios disable achievements. Furthermore, using script or cheat commands in the console disables achievements, however the user will be warned about this the first time they try to run such a command. Within the freeplay game, enabling peaceful mode or setting enemy bases to anything lower than default disables the following achievements: There is no spoon, No time for chit-chat, Raining bullets and Steam all the way. Any other changes to map generation or using the debug modes does not disable achievements.

A separate instance of achievements will be used when mods are installed and earned achievements will not register with Steam. In multiplayer, achievements can only be earned if the player has spent more than 50% of the time online.

Re-enabling achievements again can be achieved by editing the binary data of a save. (reference)

List of all achievements

The search function of a browser may be used to find a specific achievement faster. This is usually Ctrl + F

Achievement Notes Trivia
Getting-on-track-achievement.png Getting on track

Build a locomotive.

Eco-unfriendly-achievement.png Eco unfriendly

Research oil processing (research).

Tech-maniac-achievement.png Tech maniac

Research all technologies.

Completing infinite technologies of any level is not required. All non-infinite levels of technologies that have infinite continuations are still required (for example, it requires only first 6 levels of physical projectile damage). The achievement's condition is checked when any technology (finite or infinite) is researched.
Smoke-me-a-kipper-i-will-be-back-for-breakfast-achievement.png Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast

Finish the game.

This line was spoken by Ace Rimmer from the British sci-fi comedy show Red Dwarf.
It-stinks-and-they-dont-like-it-achievement.png It stinks and they dont like it

Trigger an alien attack by pollution.

This achievement is not disabled in peaceful mode, however pollution will not trigger attacks in peaceful mode. The line "He stinks and I don't like him" was spoken by comedian Jim Norton in the 2002 film Spider-Man. It became a regular sound drop on the radio program Opie and Anthony, where Norton was third mic.
Automated-construction-achievement.png Automated construction

Construct 100 machines using robots.

You-are-doing-it-right-achievement.png You are doing it right

Construct more machines using robots than manually.

Automated-cleanup-achievement.png Automated cleanup

Deconstruct 100 objects with the construction robots.

You-have-got-a-package-achievement.png You've got a package

Supply the player by logistic robot.

Delivery-service-achievement.png Delivery service

Supply the player with 10k items delivered by logistic robots.

Trans-factorio-express-achievement.png Trans-Factorio express

Have a train plan a path 1000 tiles or longer.

Refers to the Trans-Europ Express, an international passenger railway company that served west and central Europe from 1957 to 1995.
Watch-your-step-achievement.png Watch your step

Get killed by a moving locomotive.

Golem-achievement.png Golem

Survive a hit of 500 damage or more.

Getting-on-track-like-a-pro-achievement.png Getting on track like a pro

Build a locomotive within the first 90 minutes of the game.

Mass-production-1-achievement.png Mass production 1

Produce 10k electronic circuits.

Mass-production-2-achievement.png Mass production 2

Produce 1M electronic circuits.

Mass-production-3-achievement.png Mass production 3

Produce 20M electronic circuits.

Circuit-veteran-1-achievement.png Circuit veteran 1

Produce 1.0k advanced circuits per hour.

Circuit-veteran-2-achievement.png Circuit veteran 2

Produce 10k advanced circuits per hour.

Circuit-veteran-3-achievement.png Circuit veteran 3

Produce 25k advanced circuits per hour.

Computer-age-1-achievement.png Computer age 1

Produce 500 processing units per hour.

Computer-age-2-achievement.png Computer age 2

Produce 1.0k processing units per hour.

Computer-age-3-achievement.png Computer age 3

Produce 5k processing units per hour.

Iron-throne-1-achievement.png Iron throne 1

Produce 20k iron plates per hour.

These three achievements refer to the Iron Throne, a large throne in the fantasy novel series A Song of Ice and Fire made from many swords fused together with dragonfire.
Iron-throne-2-achievement.png Iron throne 2

Produce 200k iron plates per hour.

Iron-throne-3-achievement.png Iron throne 3

Produce 400k iron plates per hour.

Solaris-achievement.png Solaris

Produce more than 10 GJ per hour using only solar panels.

The electric network may not have any electricity producers besides solar panels connected to it. Solaris is a 1961 philosophical sci-fi novel written by Stanisław Lem, and a Unix-based computer operating system.
Steamrolled-achievement.png Steamrolled

Destroy 10 spawners by impact.

'Steamroll' generally refers to a multiplayer match in which one team is performing significantly better than the other.
Pyromaniac-achievement.png Pyromaniac

Destroy 10k trees with fire.

Run-forrest-run-achievement.png Run Forrest, run

Destroy 100 trees by impact.

This line was spoken by Jenny Curran in the 1994 drama film Forrest Gump.
Minions-achievement.png Minions

Have 100 combat robots or more following you.

This achievement requires follower robot count level 11 for a total of 100 robots. 6 rocket launches are needed to obtain the space science packs to get to and research level 11.
Lazy-bastard-achievement.png Lazy bastard

Win the game by crafting no more than 111 items manually.

In multiplayer, the crafts of all players are counted towards this achievement. The minimum amount of items crafted by hand is 103 if the player uses the stone furnace in the starting inventory to craft the boiler necessary to power a lab for the automation (research).
Steam-all-the-way-achievement.png Steam all the way

Win the game without building any solar panels.

Only placing solar panels breaks the requirement of this achievement, simply crafting them does not disqualify the player from earning the achievement. Disabled when using peaceful mode or lower than default enemy base settings.
Raining-bullets-achievement.png Raining bullets

Win the game without building any laser turrets.

Only placing laser turrets breaks the requirement of this achievement, simply crafting them does not disqualify the player from earning the achievement. Disabled when using peaceful mode or lower than default enemy base settings.
Logistic-network-embargo-achievement.png Logistic network embargo

Win the game without building any active provider, buffer or requester chests.

No-time-for-chitchat-achievement.png No time for chitchat

Finish the game within 15 hours.

Disabled when using peaceful mode or lower than default enemy base settings.
There-is-no-spoon-achievement.png There is no spoon

Finish the game within 8 hours.

Disabled when using peaceful mode or lower than default enemy base settings. This line was spoken by Spoon Boy in the 1999 sci-fi action film The Matrix.
So-long-and-thanks-for-all-the-fish-achievement.png So long and thanks for all the fish

Spoiler! Click to view.

The last message left by the dolphins before leaving Earth in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Also the name of the fourth book in the series.


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